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GraphMaker is a simple but yet powerful engine for calculating the graph of a function. Super useful for maths homework and for teachers to use in class.

The code so flexible that you can implement it in your own project and can overwrite every single detail of it. If you have no coding experience, that is not a problem either. You can simply implement the widget on your own site and that is it. You are ready to go!

If you want to understand math functions and graphs better, then this is just for you
Thsi is an ad free online graph making tool that will change your life.
Try it, it's free. But only for PC!

Thank you for using our service. We appreciate it. - GraphMaker Team

Help Section

In our graph system you can use all the basic math operators like: + - * /

X is the only variable that you should use when you write your functions. Forms like y=f(x) are not allowed. You can only write the part after the y= which should contain only the X variable.

There are only two constants that can be used:

Below is a table of how you can use some other features of this engine:

To get Type Details
pi this is a constant with the value ~3.14
e another constant
pow(a, b)
sin(x) x should be in radians
cos(x) x should be in radians
tan(x) x should be in radians
asin(x) returns the arcsin
acos(x) returns the arccos
atan(x) returns the arctan
sqrt(x) gets the square root of a number
root(a, b) gets the root of a number.
ln(x) get the log with base e of x
exp(x) same as if you'd type pow(e, x)


Type Get
log10(x) get the logarithm with base 10 of x
similar to logb(x, 10)
logb(x, base) x is the value whose logarithm you want to find
base is the base value. Note: Do not use brackets in be 'base' because that might throw an error. We're working on it ;)
abs(X) returns the absolute value of a function of x value

We hope our little but advanced project would help you with your maths.

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